Losers is Guaranteed to Win Your Heart

Sports documentaries have been rising in popularity ever since the overwhelming success of the ESPN 30 for 30 series. At this point, documentaries may be the preferred method to tell sports stories as opposed to the more traditional sports movie. Netflix has finally dipped their toes into the sports doc waters with their phenomenal new series Losers.


Losers is an 8-part series on the biggest loses, triumphs, and bums you have probably never heard of. Each part tells a completely unique story, so there is no need to binge it all at once, but each part is equally as captivating as the last. Each story follows a familiar documentary format in which the athletes, families, and competitors are interviewed to capture the emotions of the biggest moments in the history of losing. Some stories show off the great lengths the human spirit will go to in order to survive, such as Olympic marathon runner Mauro Prosperi surviving in the desert for 4 days. Others show personal transformations people will go through, such as Jack Ryan’s transition from deadbeat street baller to an upstanding member of society with the Harlem Wizards.


The stunning illustrations of director Mickey Duzyj help keep the mood light and fun as otherwise heartbreaking stories such as Michael Bentt facing his abusive father are told with a lens of triumph. That’s part of the beauty of the series, the focus is never on the defeat, but rather the lessons learned and the triumphs that come after.

Each episode is about half an hour long so the entire series can be banged out in one night. If you can find the time, treat yourself to a bunch of Losers. 

Photos: Netflix


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