Alex Bregman, the Next $100 Million Dollar Man

The Houston Astros announced they have agreed to a 6 year, $100 million dollar extension with stud 3B/SS Alex Bregman. Well known for his post-homerun shenanigans, Breg is officially not going anywhere anytime soon, so we’ll at least get to see more dugout cellys in Houston. The extension covers this season, buys out three years of arbitration eligibility, and allows the Astros to push off Bregman reaching free agency for an addition two seasons.

Since entering the league in 2016, Breg’s numbers at the plate have only increased with each year, and he’s shown no reason to doubt that he’ll continue the upward trend.

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I am not surprised the ‘Stros locked up their young superstar-in-the-making the first chance they got, but I’m a little bit surprised by the amount. Especially after we saw what Arenado and Trout got for their contract extensions, Bregman isn’t yet in that class of ballplayers, but by no means is he far from it and I think he easily could’ve gotten some more money. Nonetheless, I think the Houston front office got a steal here and they’re probably all jumping for joy today because Alex Bregman, the baseball world’s newest $100 million dollar man, will be the third baseman for the Astros for years to come.

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