Red Sox and Ace Chris Sale Agree to Contract Extension

Breaking News out of Red Sox camp.

With less than a week to go until opening day, Dave Dombrowski must’ve thought the team needed to have at least one press conference this offseason. So, he looked at his impending free agents who were up for extensions to decide who deserves a handsome payday.

Jackie? No, not yet. Did you see how much the Yankees paid Aaron Hicks? Yuck.

Bogaerts? Again, not yet. Bregman got $100 million, Xander is a Boras guy too.

Mookie? HA. He wants Trout money. No thank you for the immediate future.


Yes, the Red Sox and Ace Lefty Chris Sale have agreed on a 5 year, $150 million contract extension.

Well, there it is. Sale has been nothing short of dominant since being acquired before the 2017 season. He was the AL Cy Young runner up in 2017 and finished fourth for the award in 2018. He almost broke the Red Sox franchise record for strikeouts in 2017 with a mind-boggling 308, and started back-to-back all-star games for the American league. He’s been incredible….. When he’s been on the field. Unfortunately being 6’6 and 150 pounds soaking wet and being able to throw 100 mph doesn’t do much for the human body, and Sale has shown a tendency to break down as the season goes on. It was the only reservation most fans had about handing Sale a long-term deal.

Well, Sox ownership apparently has said “Fuck sore shoulders, We need ourselves an Ace!” And gave Sale his money anyways.

Personally, I’m happy with the extension. People may complain that ‘nOw ThErE wOn’T bE eNoUgH mOnEy To PaY Mookie!!!”, but if there’s one thing I know about John Henry and Co, it’s that they always find a way to pay up. I think Sale is the ace this team needs for the next 5 years, and will eventually figure out how to pitch late into the season. He’s a leader, a stud, and, now, a well-paid man.

The Sox might not be able to pay every one of their upcoming free agents, but at least they were able to lock up the Ace of the staff. What more could you ask for?

Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images



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