Does Dallas Keuchel To Queens Make too Much Sense?

Look, I am sure plenty of people who aren’t Met fans would think we are crazy for complaining. The Mets have arguably the best pitcher in the National League, and even in all of baseball in Jacob deGrom, and a guy who looks like a superhero, and has the nickname of one, Thor himself Noah Syndergaard. But past that, there are things to worry about.

Zack Wheeler needs to build off of his phenomenal second half of 2018 season, while Steven Matz looks to become more consistent with his pitches… then there’s Jason Vargas. A signing that on paper last year made sense, but ever since he practically stepped on to Mets soil, he was awful. Started off spring training hurt, and it went EXTREMELY downhill from there. A 5.75 ERA and one whole year later, he still replaceable.

Who should replace him you ask? Simple answer; Dallas Keuchel.

The left hander is looking for a one-year deal “worth more than the $17.9 million qualifying offer”. Sure a one-year deal would not be bad, but a three-year deal around $45 million would be better.

The deal would give Keuchel and the Mets plenty of positives. It would give the former American League CY Young Award winner a solid AAV of $15 million a year, and give the lefty job security.

It would also give the Mets a solid number three starter this year and in the future while having the lefty as a solid option with free agency looming for Wheeler. On top of that, it would get Vargas out of the rotation, ultimately making Matz the fifth starter. A rotation consisting of deGrom, Syndergaard, Keuchel, Wheeler, and Matz looks and sounds a lot better than Jason Vargas being involved.

Although teams may be hesitant to go after him, the Mets should act quickly before another contender, or even a division rival swoops in and grabs him. Keuchel in orange and blue would be an awesome sight for Mets fans.

Photo/ CBS Sports


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