Charges Will Not Be Pressed Against Tyreek Hill

As of right now, Tyreek Hill will still be playing wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs come Week 1 in Jacksonville, but that doesn’t matter. What matters most is the well-being of his three-year-old son, who is clearly caught in the middle of something no child should ever have to experience.

Today, Steve Howe, the district attorney in Johnson County, Kansas, announced that criminal charges would not be pressed against Hill or his fiance, Crystal Espinal, regarding the alleged abuse of their son.

Despite Howe declaring that there was not enough sufficient evidence to charge Hill or Espinal, he does believe that criminal activity did occur. The criminal investigation against the two parties is now closed, but the child protection investigation is still ongoing.

Howe was clearly frustrated by the end result of the investigation, as a child was hurt and the guilty party or parties likely responsible are not being charged accordingly for it, whether it’s Hill, Espinal, or someone else.

Last month, it was reported that both Hill and his fiance were being investigated for alleged child abuse, with one report indicating their son’s arm was broken as a result of abuse. This report was never proven to be true.

Last week, a local television station reported that Hill and Espinal had temporarily lost custody of their son. However, Howe would specify today whether or not the boy was back in the parents’ custody.

The DA also advised that neither the NFL or the Chiefs were involved in the investigation; however, knowing the league, a separate investigation and suspension could still be in the cards for Hill. As for the Chiefs, it does not appear that they will release Hill at this time, as there is no evidence that can justify them doing so as there was with running back Kareem Hunt.

As Andy Reid and Brett Veach stated at previous press conferences, they will continue to operate status quo with Hill in their plans unless something comes out that forces them to cut ties with him.

Hill was previously convicted of domestic violence charges in 2014 when he plead guilty to assaulting Espinal while she was pregnant with their son. The Chiefs drafting him in 2016 was met with serious backlash from fans and analysts around the league. Needless to say, that backlash will likely to continue if and when Hill takes the field this season.

Per Howe, Hill’s son is safe, which is the most important thing. Nothing else matters other than that fact. Not football, not a team’s season, and certainly not a Super Bowl title.

Photo: Sports Illustrated


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