For the Love of God, Dave Gettleman, Do Not Draft Daniel Jones

Dave Gettleman is crazy to the point where we have no idea what will happen in tonight’s draft.

The Giants have two first round pick this year (6 and 17), and there are three quarterbacks whose last name isn’t Murray that the Giants have an eye on. One of them is former Duke QB, Daniel Jones. Just that sentence alone should throw up a red flag.

Duke, you know, the Blue Devils? The best college basketball school in the country. Yeah, the Giants want to take a quarterback from there.

In all seriousness, Gettleman is crazy to want to take him at six, or even in the first round in general. General Managers across the league like Jones, but why? Sure he had a good season, throwing for 2,674 yards and 22 touchdowns, also completing 60.5% of his passes. But the biggest thing to look at is to see who he is doing it against.

Sure he had his games against teams like the University of North Carolina where he threw for 361 yards, but he threw the ball a lot, 54 times to be exact. But against teams like Wake Forest, he threw for 145 yards on 17 of 36 passing. He is also not good at getting out of the pocket or knowing when to get rid of the ball, getting sacked 28 times.

To many people, it seems GM’s are looking to catch lightning in the bottle from a small D1 football school ala Mitchell Trubisky when he was at UNC, but he is nothing like him. He plays exactly like Josh Rosen, who sure was a great college QB, but so far not so good in the NFL.

Dave Gettleman, there are two other QB’s much more fitting at either the sixth or the 17th picks, do not use one of them to take Daniel Jones.


Every New York Giant fan ever.

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