If You Spoil Endgame, Your Mom’s a Hoe

We’re in the endgame now. With critical reviews already flooding the internet and fans clamoring to get into their showtimes, Avengers: Endgame is officially here. It’s been almost a full year since “The Snap” sent some members of the audience home in tears and all members home with a true sense of despair and defeat. But the resolution has arrived, and it’s time to wrap up this story for so many Avengers with one more go to save humanity.

So, enjoy Endgame, but if you spoil this film’s ending, or anything about it, for your friends or strangers, your mom’s a hoe. This is the biggest movie event of many viewers lives and if you ruin that by putting spoilers on social media, then you have no place in the theatre.

I’ve never understood the need some “fans” feel to not wait for a film’s release when it came to seeing the big twists that were to come. For those people that read a transcript and leaked the information, what joy did you get from that? Just knowing before everyone else? Why not wait and see it play out on the screen with all of the characters in full action and the effects to go with it?

To those that love to go on social media immediately after viewing the film, chill with the plot points and spoilers. Not everyone is going to get the chance to view the film on opening night. I think a fair grace period with a film like this is two weeks. If you want to talk plot points after that, then go for it. Odds are that everyone who would’ve wanted to see the film will have seen it already.

So enjoy the biggest film many of you have ever seen. It’s been a long time coming, and by all reports, it’s a fitting end for many of your favorite characters. One more thing: if you hold the movie’s twists and spoilers over your friends who haven’t seen it, then you’re a bitch. Don’t threaten them with your knowledge you little cucks. They should get a chance to see the film unspoiled, no matter how much money they owe you.

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