It’s all down (Tyreek) Hill from here

This article will have no mention of statistics, gameplay or anything to do with football for that matter. It will only focus on the sadness and disgrace of Tyreek Hill. Yesterday, an audio recording of a conversation between Mr. Hill and his fiancé Crystal Espinal about their sons broken arm surfaced and it has NFL fans and none football fans in shock and disgust.

In the audio, Mr. Hill is heard saying “You need to be terrified of me too b**ch, that’s why you can’t keep a F**king man”, in reference to his fiancé telling him his own child is afraid of him. Recently, Mr. Hill has been underfire about his sons arm. According to KCTV news channel 5 reporters, Tyreek son told Crystal “Daddy did it,” and when asked why he said that, Mr. Hill responded with “I don’t know, he says daddy does a lot of things.” The audio also reveals that Mr. Hill has beat his son in the past as well. Crystal is on the recording saying “you make him open up his arms and you punch him in the chest and if that’s not enough you get the belt out.”

Without continuing to describe the horrible things that were said on that tape, you can find the entire message on KCTV5.Com and hear for yourself. Mr. Hill has been informed by his team that he can not return to workouts with his team. Chiefs general manager Brett Veach made a statement regarding the situation and saying that had “real concern for the child”. Veach also added he was concerned for Mr. Hills fiancé as well. The Chiefs has let him now he is no longer aloud on the grounds for offseason workouts.

Disciplining a child is something that dates back to when our grandparents were kids and maybe even further, but there is never an excuse for this. Using any kind of weapon or object to harm a child because they do not know any better, especially at such a young age is not ok. Mr. Hill should be ashamed of himself and should absolutely be charged and prosecuted for his actions. It’s a shame to see someone with his impact and stature be so low like this but fame will not help him here.

Not only was he striking fear into his child, but his own fiancé as well. “You need to be scared of me too”, is something no woman should ever hear from her man or her sibling or ANY man for that matter. Now she must live in fear until this is all over and that is not the life she deserves to live. Mr. Hill should be punished for all of these actions and in my opinion, never be allowed to play a single game again. Sadly, I don’t believe that will be the case seeing as though Kareem Hunt and Ray Rice we’re both reinstated without much fight, I can only hope that different action be taken this time.


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