This Is A Bad Joke

Here we go again. As the 2019 season inches closer and closer, reports and writers get dumber and dumber with their takes. A Jets writer (unnamed for professional reasons) has written in a recent article of there’s that Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is ranked higher than Patriots Tom Brady. Without bringing stats into this article (for now) anybody who thinks there is another quarterback in the AFC East better than Tom, then you probably shouldn’t report, write, or even talk about sports.

In his rookie season, Sam Darnold recorded 2,865 passing yards vs Tom Brady’s 4,355. Darnold threw 17 touchdown passes vs Brady’s 29. Sam Darnold ended his season under .500 and Brady ended with a Super Bowl. Sam Darnold had a abysmal rookie season and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Darnold struggled all season and with the team and receiving core he is returning with it doesn’t look like the Jets quarterback will be getting any better. Adding Le’Veon Bell will give him a boost, but not the boost he will need to beat Brady in anything.

It’s always funny when AFC East fans think their team is better than the Patriots. The Patriots will continue to dominate there piss poor division and will also continue to run the AFC until Brady retires. Jet fans will continue to dream, Bill fans will continue to break tables and hope that helps, and Dolphin fans will continue to build but never put a roof on the building.


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