Spencer and Garnsey have shined in NCAA Lax Tournament action

There’s is always a time that rolls around that reminds anyone of summer, Memorial Day. The gateway to summer, this Division 1 NCAA season has been an electric one. On, May 25th, 4 teams will have one weekend to seek the goal they set at the beginning of the year: To be National Champions.

Philadelphia, I hope you are ready.

Loyola-Syracuse was looking to set the tone. Pat Spencer and the Hounds had to battle back in fashion to move on to the next round. Spencer was on another level with 9 points (3 G’s, 6 A’s) moving up the ranks of NCAA points and assist leaders. Goalkeeper Jacob Stover stood on his head making 17 saves, making save after save as the Greyhounds looked to run away with it. The final score was 15-13, we get to see Pat Spencer for at least one more time.

Ryder Garnsey is back and looking to be the “bad boy” on the Notre Dame lacrosse team, and I am here for it. Garsney flair is just what the Irish needed in their first-round matchup with Johns Hopkins. After missing out for the regular season for being academically ineligible. Garnsey took the semester and passed, making him eligible to play in the tournament. Freshman Joey Epstein looked to lead the Jays past the Irish in his first career playoff game. The Irish run and gun style was too much for the Blue Jays, and thing quickly got out of hand. The Irish finished the game with a final score of 16-9 and will face Duke in the next round.

The second round is looking to be just as exciting as this past one, with Spencer, Garnsey, Grant Ament, Nakeie Montgomery, still in the mix. Anything can happen. The second round games will all be played at a neutral site as we make our way closer to Memorial Day.

Photo: Inside Lacrosse


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