Live from the Middle Urinal Ep. 128: Rob’s Brain Melted

This week, Matt is joined by Rob to talk about Aaron Rodger’s Game of Thrones fandom (0:00), the Packers draft and was Mike McCarthy holding them back all this time? (6:00), Daniel Jones is literally Eli Manning and the Mets and Jets are still dumpster fires (14:00), Brooks Koepka is a machine (22:00), and to answer some hypotheticals including questions about texts from exes, stupidity, regrets, and such (33:15). Then, Rob’s brain melted (42:00). Then Phil joins the show for an all-out deep dive Thrones finale recap, including the Tyrion-centered plot and Peter Dinklage’s masterclass, the Jon and Dany ending, where all the characters ended up, the Arya spin-off that’s not coming but is definitely coming, and their favorite moments of the finale (53:00).

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