Bruins in 6

I said it from the start of this series and I’m gonna stick with it here and that the Boston Bruins will win this series in 6 games.

The Bruins talent level to me is just overwhelming better than the Blues. The Blues are a stout defensive team and in their two wins this series it came off of games where they beat the Bruins up and didn’t let them get to the middle of the ice. With Pietrangelo, Paryako and the other big defenseman they have on the backend they make it tough for the Bruins to get their skating game going, especially when they are active and keep the puck lock in the Bruins zone. They have hard checking forwards and aren’t afraid to put the body out there for a hit. The Bruins, however, if they are able to get their skating game going, are near impossible to stop. Their forward lines have more talent and should be able to hold the Blues off but in games 2 & 4 the forechecking and hitting took a toll on the Bruins in the third period/OT and ended up killing them. The Bruins need to cut down on neutral zone turnovers and the forwards have to realize when to dump the puck and line change because way too often did they get stuck on the ice for extended shifts and it ends up biting them.

The reason I say Bruins in 6 is because of a man named Tuukka Rask. Rask has still been the better goaltender this series and was actually the reason they were even in games 2 & 4. He made save after save in those games and then off of a rebound they’ll put one in. Binnington is also about to crap his pants when he comes to Boston for game 5 and the Garden will be rocking​ unlike the fake fans in St. Louis, who by the way, only averaged 94.4% attendance​ at home this year (thanks for the stat Tucker Boynton).
The only thing that worries​ me is the defense for the Bruins. Since Chara took a puck to the face and didn’t play the rest of the game, his status is unknown for game 5 and with an already depleted D core the Bruins might have to slot Steven Kampfer in the lineup. But this is what the Blues do, they bang you up in a 7 game series (whether with cheap shots or not) and they can end up beating you. If Chara is unable to go and Cassidy doesn’t feel confident​ about Kampfer I wouldn’t be surprised​ if he took a look at one of the Black Aces like Vaakanainen or Zboril. Yes,​ they are young and not a lot of experience but if the B’s need the boost on defense look for one of them.

B’s in 6!!

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