Minor leaguer breaks up a no-hitter with a bunt and the baseball world erupts into flames

Baseball is a weird game.

For a sport that has constantly been evolving for over 150 years, there seem to be endless amounts of these so-called “unwritten rules” that all players must obey. Don’t flip your bat, don’t show up the opposing pitcher, don’t steal a base during a blowout, yadda yadda yadda.

But, chief among all these age-old rules is the golden rule: Don’t bunt during a no-hitter.

Yes, regardless of the score of the game, situation, anything, you never try to bunt your way on against someone who’s throwing a no-no.

It’s legitimately one of the dumbest non-rules rules in all of sports.

The dialogue of bunting during a no-hitter has been thrust into the national spotlight courtesy of Matt Lipka, a soft-hitting outfielder for the Yankees double-A affiliate, the Trenton Thunder. Two days ago, the Thunder were two outs away from being no-hit by the Hartford Yard Goats (all-time team name btw).  The Thunder were down 3-0, and Lipka, wanting to, ya know, win the game, decided to try and bunt his way on and spark a rally.

It worked. And all hell broke loose. The Fans booed, the benches cleared, 65-year-old men around the world grabbed their canes and angrily shook them in the air. It was absolute chaos.

But why?

Why does everyone get so hot and bothered when someone breaks one of baseball’s unwritten rules? Why does the general public lambast a kid grinding in double-A for trying his hardest to WIN THE GAME??? YOU KNOW, THE POINT OF PLAYING BASEBALL.

And also, let’s not act like this was a perfect game, or a legit no-hitter or anything like that. This was a combined no-hitter. Who gives a shit? If it was some kid who worked his ass off for 8 ⅓ innings, only to have it ruined by a bunt base hit, maybe I’d side with the old-timers. But fuck that, this was a meaningless April game in Hartford, Connecticut where one player decided, “Screw the old ways, I’m trying to win.”  

And I commend Matt Lipka for doing what he did. I am pro team bunting. If you think differently, you’re either over the age of 50 or just bitter about life.

Let the kids play, they said, just don’t let them play how they want to, apparently.   

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  1. KMD says:

    Old school baseball !!
    Let the kids Play Ball!!

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