David Ortiz was in fact clutch one last time

I decided to write this article now, obviously because of the near death scare that occurred with David Ortiz last night but most importantly to reflect on an individual that needs to be respected and reflected upon even more while the man is still living. So many times in life we seem to reflect and show respect to those long after they are gone. Let’s try to change that narrative and show how much we care while they are still with us, while we can actually admire and cherish them. That’s definitely something that I’ve always thought needed to be changed in our culture and David Ortiz is once again allowing us to realize.

Recap of the Shooting

As most of you know, David Ortiz was shot last night in his home country of the Dominican Republic. Also known as Big Papi, Ortiz was shot in the lower abdomen/ back last night while sitting at an outside bar with friends. The suspect was seen on security footage coming up to Ortiz and then attempting to assassinate him by shooting him in the back, coward-like. The suspect was then seen almost beaten to death by other members of the Santo Domingo community as Ortiz was rushed to a local hospital. While I do not feel comfortable showing the footage from the shooting, Ortiz’s brother stated that Papi was in fact in stable condition after having surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. For the suspect, he is in custody and will be lucky if he doesn’t die in jail, as he should considering Ortiz is almost god-like in his home country.

David Ortiz- “A Good Man”

What really pulls my heartstrings with this whole story is that Ortiz was heard telling the ER doctor that performed his surgery “please don’t let me die, I’m a good man.” After hearing that statement I began to almost cry as I waited on hopeful news for Papi to eventually be okay. This scare comes as a shock to all of Red Sox nation, to the baseball world and to the entire world as a whole.

David Ortiz is more than just a baseball player. He’s more than just a friendly guy who seems to always be having fun no matter the circumstances. He’s more than just a baseball analyst. David Ortiz is a dad, a husband, a symbol of hope and resiliency to the Boston community, a hero and a god to his hometown of the Dominican Republic, and most importantly he’s like he said, a good man.

What Papi meant to me

For me, David Ortiz was the first baseball player that I truly admired and respected growing up. Papi was that dude that everyone loved in Boston and couldn’t be hated if you were a fan of another team. His personality, his stature, his demeanor was something every baseball fan loved and every person seemed to fall in love with. Ortiz showed what hard work could turn into, what never giving up could do for someone. From being cut early on in his MLB career, to given a second chance with the Red Sox, Papi is the true story of perseverance and determination becoming something incredible.

Papi is easily amongst the greatest Bostonian’s ever and truly represents what it means to love a city and give everything you have to a sport, a culture and a town. Possibly the greatest Red Sox ever with 3 world series rings, countless mentorships and leadership far from none of anyone in the game of baseball and the city of Boston. Ortiz is one of the most beloved men in the Dominican Republic, Boston, and the baseball world. Certainly my most favorite player, Ortiz showed me what it takes to become a great baseball player, a great person and a great leader on and off of the field. A true mentor.

The Leader we all need

Lastly, David Ortiz was so much more than a favorite baseball player to me. Papi was a symbol of hope, a sign that determination and passion play much more of an important role than just sheer talent or natural ability. Papi showed me what it takes to step up as a leader, as a mentor, as someone to look up to when times are tough. Papi led the entire city of Boston through one of its toughest times in their long history when the Boston bombings occurred back in 2013. From giving his infamous speech on the infield of Fenway Park to bringing home another world title that same year, Papi was there for all of us when we needed him the most.

At the time when he needed us the most, why not be there for the big guy? I’m sure he won’t read this article and he won’t see all of the wishes and support that he’s gotten amongst so many people in this world. However, I can promise you that the guy is sitting in his hospital bed recovering right now, overwhelmed with support, reflecting on the wishes and most importantly the good hope that so many have given him throughout one of the toughest times in his life. You see, that’s kind of how life works. Sometimes someone does something so genuine for you and then you repay them with your gratitude when they need it the most.

Clutch once again

To Papi, the best man a little boy in myself, a man in my grown years, the town of Boston and the country of the Dominican Republic- thank you for coming up clutch one last time. Thank you for being superman one last time. Thank you for fighting for yourself, your daughter, your wife and all of those who admire, worship and look up to BIG PAPI!

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