5 NBA Draft sleepers currently projected to go outside the lottery

The NBA Draft is right around the corner and with what many consider a “Top Heavy” draft. There are a few players going outside the lottery currently in most Mock Drafts that deserve your attention.

Bol Bol — Oregon

Son of the late NBA player Manute Bol, Bol Bol is a name you have most likely heard of. However, during his freshman campaign at Oregon, he went down with a season-ending foot injury. While initially he was considered a lottery pick for his raw talent and physically gifted measurables, Bol Bol has slipped outside of the lottery in a lot of Mock Drafts. I’ve seen him as high as ten, but even as low as 22. There is definitely a gamble involved in a prospect like Bol Bol, however, he could make a team extremely lucky by falling to them.

In limited time this season, Bol Bol was able to showcase what he is capable of. The tweet below from @DXContent showcases just what Bol Bol is capable of.

While there are a lot of concerns about his durability and his defense, Bol is a very skilled big who has a game that would translate well to the modern NBA and has the potential to be one of the greatest steals in this draft.

Ty Jerome — Virginia 

A name you probably also recognize if you were watching college basketball this season is Virginia’s point guard Ty Jerome.

His name has picked up plenty of traction lately as a mid-to-late first round pick in this draft. The Boston Celtics have had him in for a workout in which he was rumored to hit an absurd 84 of 100 three’s in that workout.

Jerome is a knockdown shooter, a plus passer, a larger Point Guard, and has shown a willingness to play defense in a Virginia system which is so heavily predicated on defense.

While Jerome isn’t a perfect player, he would make a team very happy as a potential back-up Point Guard while he continues to grow as a prospect. I think Jerome to a team like the Celtics to replace Rozier or Irving would be an excellent landing spot for him.

Carsen Edwards — Purdue

Carsen Edwards is one of my favorite prospects in this draft, and it was fully showcased as he tore up the NCAA Tournament and led the Boilermakers on a deep run in this tournament.

Edwards a smaller guard who has plenty of athleticism and ability to score at ease, is more fit for an off-ball roll in the NBA, and could be an ideal off the bench scorer for an NBA Team. He reminds me of what Lou Williams does, an off the bench presence, can handle the ball, struggles a little on the defensive end, but absolutely has the makings of an NBA scorer.

The Sixers are rumored to have shown interest in him and brought him in for a workout. They pick at 24 and also early in the second round. Keep an eye out for Edwards to Philly in one of those spots.

Keldon Johnson — Kentucky

Keldon Johnson is a player who has seen his stock fall a little bit ahead of the NBA Draft, however, he is a big wing who can shoot the ball well and plays defense which should translate to the NBA.

Concerns about his ability to create his own shot and be a playmaker are the reason his stock has fallen a little bit. However, his bread and butter are in the “3-and-D” game which every team needs in today’s game. Almost everyone is looking for a guy like that off the bench, starting on the perimeter, or in any other capacity. Keldon Johnson figures to go closer to the back end of the first, but all it takes is one team to fall in love with this prospect for him to go a little higher. It’s tough to say where he will land, but he has a game that needs some work but should translate well to the NBA.

Grant Williams — Tennessee 

Williams has been spotted all over the draft board and he is one of the more intriguing prospects that this draft has to offer.

Williams is a forward that is a 2-time SEC player of the Year, and yet it seems he is being considered everything from “not an NBA caliber player” to “the potential biggest steal of the draft.”

Williams has an insanely high Basketball IQ, just watch film from a Tennessee game which has his fingerprints all over each one. He is strong and one of his best features is his playmaking. He’s not going to get his own shot or beat you off the dribble or display supreme athleticism, however he is most definitely an NBA prospect in my mind and in many people’s mind and whichever team is fortunate enough to get Williams is going to be very happy with the pick and I think he can win you games right away.

Photo: Icon Sportsware via AP Images


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