You aren’t living “Rent Free” in anyone’s head. You’re just an asshole

We’ve all been there, deep diving into sports twitter and we see some schmuck with your rival team’s logo as their avatar is besmirching the good name of your favorite team. Most people would scoff at whatever absurdity was posted and keep scrolling, but not you. You feel the need to tell this person how much better you and your team are than them. You hop into his mentions and drop two simple words:

Rent. Free.

Holy fuck man, take it easy on this poor soul. They may never recover from this well thought out argument. This guy had the nerve to have an opinion you don’t agree with? Clearly, they spend all their time thinking about your favorite team. There is no other logical explanation. After all, these people are all clearly winners:

Oh, wait… I thought of one. Maybe you’re just an asshole who takes every slight on your team as if somebody murdered your family.

If you want to argue with strangers on the internet, do it, but do it with logic, facts, and statistics. Just saying “Rent Free” isn’t an argument. It isn’t even a sentence.


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