Why does God hate Boston sports?

Yeah, I know. This feeling of losing in a Game 7 of a championship really does suck. It sucks for not only Bruins fans but for everyone in Boston.

Sure, this title meant a lot to hockey freaks and die-hard Bruins fans but it was more than that. It was about adding to the plethora of sports titles that this great city has. In the end, the Bruins couldn’t get it done and that means that the great city of Boston only has 2 major world titles in one year than 3. This is pitiful. The city of Boston is just a poverty sports town and god hates us.

A Tip of the Cap to this B’s Team

In all honesty, the Boston Bruins were not supposed to get to the Stanley Cup finals, much less a deciding Game 7 in their own hometown. The young guns stepped up, Rask played out of his mind and the veterans anchored down and played their hearts out. They just didn’t play their style of hockey in Game 7 or at home as they lost 3 games at the Garden in the Stanley Cup Finals. Yeah sure, we would’ve loved for the Bruins to pull this one out, giving the city of Boston 7 major titles in just the last decade but I guess we’ll have to settle on just 6 (and the decade isn’t over, yet). That also doesn’t include the countless number of times that Boston has just had a chance at a conference title or have even made it to the championship round. AP19161028365359

Why does God hate Boston?

Since Boston just lost in a Game 7, it 100% means that God hates Boston and Boston sports fans. I mean look, it’s now been exactly one year to yesterday (June 12) since another city, other than Boston has hosted a championship parade (Washington Capitals, NHL, June 2018).

Do you realize how ridiculous that is? We are so spoiled it’s insane. But now we’re all mad because we lost a meaningful Game 7 to a St. Louis team who hasn’t hoisted the trophy in over 52 years. Don’t worry, it was just charity work by the city of Boston because we beat the Cardinals in 2007 and 2013 to hoist the World Series trophy in front of them. Karma will now be on our side.

Not to mention the awesomeness that it was to see the Blues offer up a chance to a lifelong super fan, Laila Anderson to hoist Lord Stanley up on the ice. Laila suffers from a rare disease that causes the body to make too many immune cells. It is a life- threatening disease. This is what sports are all about!

Poverty City

I know Boston, it’s tough. We now haven’t had a championship parade in over 130 days and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. The Red Sox aren’t playing too hot, the Patriots are the Patriots (very bad team), who knows what the Celtics are doing and we now have to wait a whole year to see if the Bruins can get back to the Finals. I think god hates Boston right now and it kind of sucks.

The Boston Dynasty is NOT over

So help me god, if I hear one person saying that this is the end of the “Boston sports dynasty” I will hunt you down and force you to watch Max Kellerman tapes on the countless times he has said the exact same thing and has been wrong every single time. God may hate Boston right now but the dynasty is not over, and you know I’m right.

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