The Red Sox Bullpen Stinks Like Baby Poop, And Dave Dombrowski Needs to do Something About It

Hey, did you all know that the Red Sox bullpen isn’t good? 

I know, right? It’s crazy. 

After Tuesday’s game against the White Sox, where Matt Barnes allowed a go-ahead two-run home run in the 9th inning, a game the Red Sox would end up losing, the boys from Boston have blown 19 saves on the year. That is the second worst in the majors, and only one shy of the mark the 2019 team set over the entire season. It’s June 28th right now. Definitely not good. 

A lot has been made of the Red Sox being in need of a closer, and seeing Craig Kimbrel work a clean ninth inning in his Cubs debut yesterday definitely made that ring truer than ever. 

But, in my humble opinion, the Red Sox just need arms in the bullpen right now. With a number of unproven pitchers in the pen right now, any and all high leverage situations have been referred to the established guys. Brandon Workman, Matt Barnes, and Ryan Brasier have all been pushed to their limits physically so far this year, and only the Workdawg (New nick-name, book it) has been able to manage it as of now. This is not sustainable for an entire season. Matt Barnes is cooked to the point that he’s basically a hockey puck right now. Reinforcements need to come ASAP. 

Dave Dombrowski needs to be in his Rolodex at this very moment calling every GM that he knows to inquire about relievers. This cannot wait, the Red Sox are hemorrhaging winnable games right now, and the Yankees refuse to lose. You can’t wait around until the deadline to see if names become available, it’ll already be too late by then. 

And to all the people who are saying that there aren’t impact relievers that are available right now, you’re wrong, there’s plenty. 

  • Ken Giles
  • Sean Doolittle
  • Shawn Kelley
  • Edwin Diaz
  • Alex Colome 
  • Kelvin Herrera
  • Shane Greene
  • Hansel Robles
  • Amir Garrett
  • Felipe Vazquez
  • Greg Holland 
  • Will Smith

There, I just gave you twelve relievers who are as good as, if not better, than every member of the Red Sox bullpen off the top of my head. They’re all on losing teams who will likely be looking to sell very soon.

Take the initiative, Dave. This team NEEDS HELP. Do something about it.

Photo: Elise Amendola/ AP Photo



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