Is it really possible that NOBODY wants DeMarcus Cousins?

Is it really possible that a player just one and a half years removed from being one the most dominant and polarizing big men in the world, would have absolutely no free agent market whatsoever?

According to well regarded NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, he had this to say about the current market for DeMarcus Cousins (spoiler: he doesn’t have one)

He says that Cousins doesn’t even have people willing to offer him the mid-level exception at this current point in time. Sure, the last two years haven’t exactly been stellar in terms of his durability but just as recently as yesterday, the Washington Wizards were willing to sign Isaiah Thomas to a deal even if he hasn’t been the same since leaving Boston, so what is the issue with Cousins?

While he has toned it back of late, his ego and attitude have always been massive concerns for Cousins and I think some teams after seeing him come back from both major injuries (the Achilles and the torn quad) are nervous and not impressed enough to warrant giving this man a relatively cheap one year prove it deal.  Teams with younger players saw how he meshed with young guys in Sacramento and teams also saw how he was post injury this season with the Warriors. It’s going to take a front office who is willing to take a chance on this guy, as well as a team with other veteran leaders and a proven head coach to control and manage Cousins.

Inevitably, someone will take a chance on him at some point this offseason, however, it may not be anytime soon.

Keep an eye on the Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and a reunion with Golden State as possible landing spots for Cousins, once a market for him develops.

Photo: CBS Sports


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