The Red Sox Have Finally Figured Out Their Closer Situation, and His Name is… Nathan Eovaldi?

So hey, How bout them Red Sox pitchers? 

Giving up 29 runs in 18 innings is totally good, right? 

Remember that time that I said the Red Sox bullpen was “baby poop”, nothing has changed since that statement was made. In fact, things may have gotten worse. 

Well, following the piss poor display in London, In what seemed almost like a desperation decision, the Red Sox came out and announced that they will implement Nathan Eovaldi as the teams’ full-time closer once he is fully back and healthy, per Tom Caron.



While the front office for the BoSox should be scouting available relief pitchers which they so greatly need, they are instead trying to fix the teams issues internally by turning a 29-year-old starting pitcher with zero prior closing experience (and barely any RELIEF experience, minus a godlike postseason tryout), into their closer. That checks out a-okay with me, Mr. Dombrowski!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nate the great and actually think he would thrive in one inning stints where he can let loose at 101 MPH every single pitch, but come on. This cannot be the saving move for the 2019 Boston Red Sox. Give up Eduardo Nunez or something and go get a bonafide reliever to give some relief, no pun intended, to Barnes and Workman. 

I’m not hating on the decision. I love the thought of Eovaldi coming in in the Ninth inning with 102 in his back pocket, but who on this team is going to hold a lead for him? 

Do more Dave, do more. 

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