Last Night’s Home Run Derby Was BANANAS and is Why Everyone Should Watch Baseball

That was electric

Did it really matter who won after the semi-finals?

In case you’re living under or are just really really lame, tonight was the MLB Home Run Derby and it was AMAZING. And sure, Pete Alonso knocked off Vlad Guerrero Jr. in the finals to win the whole damn thing and a million smackeroos. But that’s not what had people talking last night. 

What going the internet really going was the WAR between Vlad Jr and Joc Pederson in the semi-finals for the simple reason that it was absolutely bananas.

After breaking Josh Hamilton’s 11-year-old record for the most home runs in a single round in HR Derby history with 29 in the first round, which was insane in its own right, Guerrero squared off with the sweet-swinging lefty from the Dodgers in round number two.

It’s safe to say that the fireworks display in round number one didn’t tire out the 20-year-old because he went right back to work, hitting another 29 home runs. 

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, thought that Pederson, who hit 21 home runs in his first round, had NO CHANCE of even coming close to Vladdy’s mark. Whelp, he did. 

So, the two went to an extra one minute round, where Vlad added on 8 more bombs. People again thought, “There’s no way Joc can match that.”


At this point, everyone was already saying this was the greatest battle in the history of the derby, but then we went to a swing off, Where both men traded one homer apiece. So we had to go to a second swing off, and Vlad was able to advance by a final score of 40-39. 

God, I need a cigarette. 

Between the two men, in the second round alone, 79 home runs were hit. You read that correctly. This was car crash television, Rocky and Apollo creed going blow for blow, use whatever expression you want but it was bad-fucking-ass. 

It honestly should’ve ended the night. MLB should’ve stepped in right there and handed the trophy to Vlad right there on the spot. 

Then Pete Alonso came in and messed everything up.    

Photo via MLB Twitter


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