Steve Kerr rolls the best blunts according to Swaggy P

Folks, the Swag Champ is heating up. My dude just called into this show high as hell and was in absolutely must-listen mode.

Check out that audio starting at 22:00 minutes.

Nick Young went on a radio show in California, on the station 95.7 The Game, to talk all things Warriors. It’s actually a pretty cool interview. He talks about how KD is as a teammate, tell everyone how the D-Lo beef is somehow still going on between those two, and how, most importantly, Steve Kerr rolls the best blunts.

I mean, could the NBA get any cooler? We’re just openly letting dudes talk about smoking weed with their fuckin’ bosses. Meanwhile, Josh Gordon is sitting with Tom Brady watching film wanting to tear Goodell’s hair out because he can’t play football.

Also, obviously Steve Kerr rolls well. That dude has so many back problems, I would be astounded to hear he wasn’t blazing that shit up with Johnny Hopkins.

What a league.

Photo: Arizona Desert Swarm (edited)


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