The Green Bay Packers are a poverty franchise

These are troubling times in Wisconsin. In between their star NFL quarterback drinking like a freshman at a band party and their university being irrelevant in the Big 10, it seemed like nothing else could go wrong in the Badger State. But alas, more troubling news is coming out on the banks of Lake Michigan.

It appears that the once proud Green Bay Packers barely have a pot to piss in, bringing in a mere $724,000 in the last fiscal year according to the Associated Press. That is down a staggering 98% from the year prior.

Why has the NFL’s most historic franchise fallen on such hard times? Lavish new deals for Aaron Rodgers, Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, and others have raised expenses up to a colossal $477M. Meanwhile, a losing culture over the past few has to lead to lower than expected revenue. While attendance is still high, pro shop and hall of fame visits have plummeted.

Many people will blame Aaron Rodgers for the minuscule profit margins. After all, it was his mega-deal and his poor performance that got them in this place. He was unwilling to take a team friendly deal like the other elite quarterbacks Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Lamar Jackson, and now the franchise is paying the price. These are valid points indeed. However I, for one, place the blame on the Packers themselves. This franchise has boasted for a century about being the only publically traded sports franchise, but when the team gets into a smidge of financial troubles, who is going to step up and pay the bill? Get over yourselves and get an actual owner. 

Hopefully, the franchise can turn themselves around. It’s sad to see a once proud team sunken to such lows. The NFL is a better place when the Packers are one of the elite franchises such as the Bears, Patriots, and of course the Ravens.

Photo: Superior Telegram


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