Episode 3: Rich Paul Ruling, Second chance NFL, MLB evolving playoff picture

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Jordan (@iJordanMoore) & Austin (@austinslough10) discuss what the State of the Union pod is (2:10), a little NBA talk & what the TBT tournament is, the Rich Paul rule and what the NCAA is doing (8:25), countdown segment of who you would draft if you have the #1 overall pick in your fantasy football draft (13:30), NFL talk, preseason-don’t worry about how your team is doing (23:55), WTF is Antonio Brown doing? (28:20), Josh Gordon filing for reinstatement (30:20),  MLB player weekend uniforms (37:15), Amir Garrett trying to fight the entire Pirates team (41:55), MLB trade deadline acquisitions not panning out (45:14), MLB playoff picture keeps changing (51:22), MLB postseason award predictions (57:25), crystal ball segment- predictions for the upcoming week (104:20). Stay tuned weekly and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @WTPSports and on our Personal accounts: Jordan Moore (@iJordanMoore on Instagram & Twitter), Austin Slough (@AustinSlough on Instagram & @AustinSlough10 on Twitter.)

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What is the “State of the Union” Podcast?

An American sports podcast covering whatever sport is currently in season. From the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college football, college basketball & college baseball. Hosted by Jordan Moore (@iJordanMoore) & Austin Slough (@AustinSlough10). Stay tuned weekly for analysis, creative segments, takes, special interviews, what’s going on with the WTP brand and banter. Under the WTP Sports network. Follow us on twitter & instagram- @WTPSports. Est. 2019.


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