Antonio Brown to XFL?

Antonio Brown is the talk of the NFL today because of course he is. In the most primadonna fashion, Brown basically told his new team, the Oakland Raiders, that he would never play in the NFL again unless *wait for it* he was allowed to wear his old helmet anymore. Yes, seriously.

Frankly, given his history, this isn’t surprising. Brown has always been a flare for the dramatic and always wants to get his own way. I would be shocked that a player is actually putting his performance before his personal safety, but then I remembered that this is Antonio Brown that we’re talking about.

We can talk all day about how much of a baby Brown is, but rather, I started thinking about whether or not he would actually hang up the cleats over a helmet snafu. The guy has already had a Hall of Fame career and has made a ton of money via the NFL ($30M of which is guaranteed from the Raiders) and endorsement deals. He might not be bluffing, folks.

However, let’s say Brown does go through with retiring from the NFL, but still has the drive to play football and make money. I can already think of a certain place where he might end up. A place where he would be allowed to wear his current helmet and become the highest-paid player. I’m talking about the new XFL.

The new XFL will begin play following the conclusion of the NFL season in February. As expected, people are skeptical whether or not this league can succeed following the collapse of the AAF just months ago. However, if the XFL can bring in some star power in the form of Antonio Brown, it might have a chance.

You’re probably thinking that this is crazy, right? Remember, this is Antonio Brown we’re talking about; the superstar diva who feeds off the spotlight. We’re also talking about Vince McMahon, one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. You don’t think he would pay AB whatever he wants to make him the face of his new league and help get it off the ground? Star power sells.

This mere speculation on my behalf at this point, but if Brown doubles down on his threat come Week 1, it may not be long before the XFL comes calling. Antonio Brown may very well be playing football in February. It just won’t be in the Super Bowl.

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