Sorry Not Sorry, It’s Still Me

Its no secret that this season we have seen many players breakout into total beast mode. Players like Dj LeMahieu, Rafael Devers and again Alex Bregman have been really good this season and have been major parts of their teams success. Dj LeMahieu is the league leader in Average with a .338 batting average and adds 18 homeruns and 80 RBIs to his arsenal. Rafael Devers has improved an astronomical amount from last season with a .317 batting average, 24 homeruns and 90 RBIs. Alex Bregman continues to be a beast with a .274 batting average but also brings 28 homeruns and 74 RBIs. All of these players have only one thing in common though, they will all lose to Mike Trout in the MVP race.

Mike Trout continues to prove to people that he is the best baseball player in the league right now and is working his way up the all time list. At the age of 28, Trout continues to run the league. Everybody wants Mike Trout on their fantasy team, everybody hates seeing Trout come to bat when the Angels play your team and everybody needs to get used to the idea that Mike Trout might win 10 MVP awards in his career. This season, Mike Trout is batting .295 with a league leading 39 homeruns, 92 RBIs, .439 OBP, .662 SLG %. You are not going to tell me that Mike Trout isn’t going to win the MVP. Its a shame that he still plays for the Angels and will never leave, but Trout continues his dominance and the league will never ignore it. One can only hope someday soon, the Angels start caring about their franchise player and potential GOAT and start adding people to help with a playoff and even world series push.

Early or not, Congrats to Mike Trout on the 2019 MVP.

Photo: SB Nation


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