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Ill make this short and quick:

We have existed for a bit over a year. Probably right around a year and half off the top of my head. 2000 posts by probably around 40 different bloggers. The early days of the revolving door are over. Our staff has gone from 2 bloggers, to a group of randoms, to a full staff of around 30 people now. Although we have a star studded cast of pro athletes, journalists, and personalities, we don’t look for english majors or journalism degrees, we simply like our bloggers to be fans.

Fans allow for a direct link to team fan bases and WTP fans alike. We are literally existing because of fans. Had we not been able to build a fan base, we would have gone under long ago. We owe everything to the people reading this post and all the others. To all the people who retweet, like, and interact on social media, Thank you. To those who have spent tens of thousands at our store, who have dealt with the growing pains of a small business, THANK YOU.

We have come a long way from a couple views a week and tweets with no interactions, but we have a long way to go. We open our first office space in September after a massive renovation project. That was made possible by ALL OF YOU. We don’t charge for our content for one simple reason: we aren’t better than you. You shouldn’t have to pay for us to entertain you. You should be able to get what you want at the lowest cost possible. That’s the same theory behind our 14 dollar shirts at top notch quality. We don’t want to make our fans pay for our lifestyle, we want our work to bring the fans entertainment among all other things.

We have so much more content coming, so much more to offer as a brand, and that is all coming on the shoulders of hard working employees and the support of all those who keep us going.

So thank you. You are all responsible for our success. This isn’t “Us, the people”, its WE The People for a reason. But all those who said this would fail after week of constant trash talk (here’ s looking at you Tim Smith, high school mashup of Saugus, MA) ya’ll can take everything we have accomplished and everything we will accomplish and shove that way up your cheeks.


Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 12.10.13 PM.png  [post 1, well before we went with our current business website launch]

PS: S/O to Zupes and Gabrielle for editing all the dumb grammar errors

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