NFL Players Teased Aaron Hernandez About Being a Murderer and Lived to Tell the Tale

Even though Aaron Hernandez has been dead for almost a year, he’s still making headlines, with new stories still coming out about the former Patriot star turned convicted murderer.

This story, however, isn’t about Hernandez’s victim’s family or the supposedly severe case of CTE they found postmortem. According to former Jets linebacker Bart Scott, Hernandez’s criminal activity and gang ties were the worst-kept secret in the NFL, and opposing players would use the information to get in Hernandez’s head. Scott says he and other players would taunt Hernandez with lines like, ‘where’s the body?’ and ‘heard they found a body in Florida.’

Pretty brave, considering that even then, Hernandez had a reputation as a bad guy, with stories and rumors floating around for years. Though he was playing for New England from 2010-2012, he was never able to leave the gang life behind. The running joke wasn’t even about the murders Hernandez committed around that time, but about a 2007 double homicide he’d been tied to in college in Florida. Scott said they never thought their jokes would ever become about someone who would later be convicted of any crime, let alone murder.

Hernandez was convicted of murder in 2015, two years after his arrest and subsequent release from the Patriots. He was serving a life sentence and had also been accused of a double murder, but was found not guilty five days before he committed suicide in prison.


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