A Disappointing Lil Dick(y)

Twitter was buzzing all week-long about the release of Lil Dicky’s latest single Earth which released Friday. Rumors of features including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande were flying around the internet. Since Lil Dicky is coming off his most successful song yet, Freaky Friday, expectations were sky-high for America’s funniest rapper.

So I was disappointed when I first heard the song. While I applaud LD for taking action against climate change and the loss wildlife, the track itself is awful. The entire song is random celebrities saying they are an animal followed by a one-liner about the animal. It comes across as an R-rated children’s song more than an original from Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis himself.

This song is basically We Are The World but everybody took Molly before Snoop broke out the joint. It’s a fucking disaster. The rhyme scheme and syllables from each line almost never line up in a pleasing way. At least the animation in the video is fun, but I listened to the song without the video and I swear to god I got AIDS because of it.

I highly recommend just donating to any of the organizations listed on and spare yourself the aneurysm.

P.S. Fuck Twitter

Photo: Lil Dicky


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