A Tribute to Nathan Peterman

It is with a heavy heart I tell you that my favorite player was released by the Buffalo Bills on Monday.

You see, as a Ravens fan, it is hard to pick a player on my own team to fall in love with. Justin Tucker is our best player, but he only sees the field on fourth down if the offense is even capable of getting into field goal range. No other personalities stand out, and we don’t have a lot of star power. I found myself longing for a player special enough to keep my eyes glued to the TV whenever he stepped onto the field, and last year I found him.

When Tyrod Taylor was benched in Week 11 last year, history was made in Buffalo. Plucky fifth-round rookie Nathan Peterman put together the most impressive half a quarterback has ever played. That day Peterman went 6-14 for 66 yards and 5 INTS. That’s right 5 interceptions in a single half. I could not look away. Every time he dropped back, something hilarious was about to happen. That day, the legend of Nathan Peterman was born. He somehow continued his inauspicious career. In just 4 career starts, Peterman earned the following statistics:

  • One in every 11 attempts was intercepted. Vinny Testaverde only threw an interception once every 13 attempts in 1988 when he threw the second most interceptions in league history
  • Peterman’s 32.5 career Passer Rating is well below that of Jamarcus Russell (65.2), Ryan Leaf (50.0), and Deshone Kizer (60.0)
  • Peterman actually averaged more yards per rush (4.3) than yards per pass (4.2)
  • Peterman has the ninth worst single-game QBR at 0.8, and it didn’t come in the game he threw five interceptions
  • He has been benched in favor on more different QBs (4) than he has thrown TD passes (3)
  • This season, Peterman is 4.3 times more efficient throwing to the other team (15.8 yards/INT, 2 TDS) than his own (3.7 yards/attempt, 1 TD)
  • Peterman made $1,875/yard in 2018

There are hundreds of more mind-blowing Peterman facts out there and it is hard to choose your favorites. No quarterback will ever replicate the run Peterman has gifted us the past to two years. No quarterback will leave their stamp on NFL history the way Peterman did. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Stats via ESPNNFL, and Over The Cap

Photo: The AP


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