Addison Russell Accused of Domestic Abuse

News broke Friday afternoon that Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell was placed on “administrative leave” by Major League Baseball after allegations of domestic abuse surfaced from Russell’s ex-wife, Melisa Reidy-Russell.

This action was taken after Reidy-Russell revealed in a blog post that she was repeatedly emotionally and physically abused. Although she never fully dives into detailed accounts or specific instances of abuse, it appears to be a comprehensive, hard to read retelling of the hell she endured regularly.   

This is the second time Russell has been accused of abusing his wife, with murmurs first coming in June of 2017, when a close friend of Reidy-Russell took to social media and said that the 24-year-old “mentally and physically abused her”. Although Russell came out and called the accusations “false and hurtful” (fuck you dude), shortly thereafter, Reidy-Russell filed for divorce, although she chose not to pursue an investigation through the MLB.

In short, Addison Russell is a piece of shit. Like a colossal one.

Normally, I don’t pay attention to domestic violence cases because they’re uncomfortable to hear and read about, but A.) I despise Addison Russell and B.) his ex-wife gave such a thorough and brave recount of everything that happened, which I commend greatly and show solidarity with, obviously.

Addison Russell has been one of my most hated players since he came into the league (I hate most of that 2015-2016 Cubs team, minus Javy Baez), but this catapults him immediately to the top of my “most hated in sports” list. He will forever be linked with Roberto Osuna, Jose Reyes, Jose Torres, and Aroldis Chapman, who are equally shitty people.

Details are still emerging with this case, and it’s likely only going to get worse for Russell, and rightfully so. There has been no word on how long he will remain on administrative leave. The Cubs released a statement today saying:

“We take allegations of domestic violence seriously and support the League’s decision to place Addison Russell on administrative leave given new details revealed today…”

More details to come.

Photo: Yahoo Sports


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