After A Sudden Retirement From Film 64 Years Ago, James Dean Set to Return

Thanks to the power of CGI, James Dean has been cast in Finding Jack, because studios know millennials love celebrities that died before the whole generation was even born. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dean’s likeness will be used as a secondary character in Finding Jack which is a movie about military dogs being left behind in Vietnam after everyone’s favorite war. Really checking off all the boxes to get people in the theater for this one…

I’d assume he’ll be playing some sort of a good-looking “I make my own rules” rebel, because that was essentially his calling card. Unfortunately, Dean died at 24 before he had a chance to become boring or unlikable like all other actors after him, which has made him into a pop culture symbol for young people everywhere:that series of events can be interpreted as “The Dream” for most millennials.

The target demographic for this film will probably be people who love dogs, people who hate war, and teenagers or young adults that think their life resembles East of Eden or Rebel Without A Cause; which is funny, because if they’ve seen those films, their lives are most likely nothing like that and, they are just angry their parents won’t take them to Hot Topic on a school night.

Hollywood Reporter is also reporting that the technology being used to bring Dean back will be used to make films about other historical figures that we have images and rolls of film on. That means that Once Upon A Time In Hollywood definitely came out a few years too early, but that Inglorious Bastards 2: They Didn’t Really Get Hitler the First Time is going to look incredible. Can’t wait to watch Hitler die again. Can’t wait.

Image Via LA Times


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