Alex Rodriguez is the Mets “Bombshell” Managerial Candidate

It hasn’t been announced yet, but it seems that Alex Rodriguez is the New York Mets “bombshell” managerial candidate.

Throughout the season on multiple broadcasts, Rodriguez expresses his love for the Mets and the way their roster is built. He called plenty of games on ESPN this year where he got to see Jacob deGrom and Pete Alonso go off, much to his happiness.  Rodriguez’s close friend Robinson Cano is also the Mets second baseman, but that is not the proof to show he is the candidate.

First things first, he was seen having dinner with the Wilpon family at the Washington D.C. restaurant “Osteria Morini”, according to multiple reports. Rodriguez has never been mentioned as one to be a proponent of the Wilpon family, as many of us fans know, the Wilpons are the reason a lot of us have high blood pressure 162 games a year. But this is the first clue of Rodriguez trying to make a case to be the manager come 2020.

The second bit of evidence was much more public. When discussing on the World Series pregame show, he was asked who his World Series pick was, and he stuck with the Nationals. Then Kevin Burkhardt said that “picking the Nationals was a bombshell pick”, Rodriguez sported a smile similar to the Grinch when he stole Christmas. This is something that if people were paying attention, should have tipped the scale.

Alex Rodriguez has a baseball mind that is unmatched, he is a genius. If he was the “bombshell candidate”, then Mets fans should be happy.



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