An Interview with Mike Dussault of PatsPropaganda

If you’re a New England Patriots fan, then you know that there are a ton of media outlets and blogs that do a terrific job covering the team.

I was lucky enough to conduct an email interview with Mike Dussault of the Patriots’ fan site PatsPropaganda. This guys knows the team and the game inside and out, knows the kind of content that the team’s fans crave, and along with bringing his deep knowledge of the team to the site, he also brings a lot of fun and off-the-wall content on the team.

I hope you folks enjoy this one!

PH: How did you end up becoming such a big Patriots fan?
MD: I grew up a few towns over from Foxboro and saw them get pummeled plenty of times in the 80s. I was in high school when Kraft, Parcells and Bledsoe arrived, then watched them win three Super Bowls while living in Los Angeles.

It was after they lost to the Broncos in the 2005 playoffs that I truly became an obsessed blogging Patriots fan.

PH: Who were some of your favorite Patriot players when you were a kid? How about now?
MD: As a kid, Andre Tippett was a big one, as was Kevin Turner. I’ve always been a linebacker/fullback fan.

Now, aside from the obvious Belichick-Brady-Gronk-Edelman, Rob Ninkovich was always a personal favorite of the blog who I was writing about from the beginning.

PH: At what point did you realize that you wanted to cover the team as a writer/blogger, videocaster, etc.?
MD: I wrote my first blog after seeing Steelers fans had hired a plane to pull a banner with Super Bowl asterisks over Gillette Stadium in December 2007.

As I continued to write, I was fascinated by one particular storyline, could Bill Belichick rebuild the defense around Tom Brady from scratch to get him a fourth (or more) Lombardi Trophy? Spoiler: He could. Three times actually.

In 2010, I just decided to stop chasing unpaid jobs with other blogs and focus all my efforts on solely covering the Patriots my way. I put together and maintain the Bill Belichick Hoodie Database, which has become part of my niche, along with t-shirt designs and now, Facebook Live shows like Foxboro & Friends.

PH: What outlets, not including the one you are at now, have you covered the Patriots for?
MD: The first blog was the now-defunct, then seasons with Pats Pulpit and Athlon Sports before starting PatsPropaganda on Twitter in 2009 then as a Tumblr blog in 2010.

I also spent a season as a featured columnist, live game blogger and draft correspondent for Bleacher Report in 2012.

PH: We know that you now cover the team for PatsPropaganda. On that site, what are you trying to bring readers?
MD: I try to keep PatsPropaganda solely a football blog that embraces understanding the game and that it’s okay to be a fan.

I don’t really chase hot takes as I just love the game and the whole fan experience. I try to write to those kinds of people.

The blog is just kind of my journey as a fan and what I’m interested in, which can range from breaking down x-and-o’s to figuring out what Bill Belichick should wear in the Super Bowl.

PH: We also know that you do a Patriots-related show with Nick Stevens, aka “Fitzy“. Tell us about how you guys came up with the idea to do a show on the team and what the future holds for the show.
MD: Nick and I first met in 2010 (though we should’ve met in 2009 if I wasn’t too scared to go up to THE Fitzy at a Patriots tailgate). We’ve been talking about doing fan-centric content since we finally did first meet at a Boston Sports Blogapalooza. 

His channel is now hitting a whole new dimension with their Fan Therapy, Shit Pats Fans Say videos. And now Foxboro and Friends is starting to take off. 

We just got the show out of Fitzy’s basement (literally) and into the I Love Boston Sports shop at the South Shore Plaza. It’s amazing what you can do with just a wifi signal — we’ve got multiple cameras and see it as a relaxed talk show where it’s a fan’s safe space. 

Nick and his brother are basically a full production studio and I spent 17 years in LA producing scripted network television. There’s a core group of talented local producers and actors/comedians that we’re looking to pull together and I think we’re just scratching the surface if we all bring our talents together. I’m especially excited about some of the scripted content that’s in the pipeline.

PH: What is it like being a fan of a team that has won six Super Bowls? Does anything really surprise you any more when it comes to this franchise?
MD: No, nothing surprises me anymore and I’ve learned to just sit back and enjoy the roller coaster.

The first three were experienced solely as a fan, but blogging my way through the last three has been something else. The Patriots’ success has directly impacted my life in countless ways that have nothing to do with football.

It’s been quite the journey on and off the field.

PH: Lastly, any future plans when it comes to covering the Patriots? What else are you looking to accomplish?
MD: At this point, it’s at least about seeing Brady and Belichick through to the end, but I love blogging about the team and enjoying having my own outlet where I can do it how and when I want.

It’s a job I love and I think I bring a unique and informed perspective that many fans appreciate being level-headed.

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