An Open Letter to The Washington Nationals

I know I’ve written about the Nationals before, so maybe I’m just wasting my breath, but this team deserves an earful, so here’s my personal note to the Nats. 

Dear Washington Nationals,

It’s all over. Your window has officially closed.

Since 2012, you were supposed to be the hip new team that would be perennial World Series contenders for years to come. After years of being the laughingstock of baseball, you finally drafted two men who were supposed to be your franchise saviors in Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper. They were supposed to lead you to the promised land.

Yet, 6 years and 4 managers later, there are no playoff series wins to speak of. No team success. Aside from a Bryce Harper MVP season in 2015, and a pair of Max Scherzer Cy Young awards, you have done next to nothing. The Mets World Series run in 2015 makes them a more successful team than you could ever dream of being.

This six year stretch will be remembered for 2 things; wasted talent and postseason failures.

2012, being up 2 runs and having the Cardinals down to their last strike in game 5. L.

2014, having one of the best rotations in recent memory and having your doors blown off by the Giants in 4 games. L.

2016, making it to game 5 only to cough up an early lead and let Clayton Kershaw go Madbum on your asses to close out the game. L.

2017, Scherzer coming in and giving up 4 runs in relief, you managed to battle all the way back, and then got screwed by a bullshit pickoff in game 5. L’s forever.

You didn’t even make the playoffs this year, actually you finished 3rd in your division. It was your last chance to convince Bryce Harper to stay and you blew it.

You have wasted away Max Scherzer, Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, Ryan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez, and Stephen Strasburg’s careers.

The man who resurrected your franchise, Bryce Harper, has been effectively driven out of town by your ineptitude. Your failures have cost 4 managers their jobs, including the man who led you out of the darkness, Davey Johnson.

You will be remembered as the biggest group of failures in recent memory. The biggest pack of frauds I have ever seen.

Mike Rizzo, I lay all of this on your shoulders. You deserve the blame. You couldn’t build a bullpen good enough to hold a lead in the playoffs. You didn’t give any of your managers more than 2 years to figure it out before getting rid of them. You couldn’t resign Harper. You. Failed.

Once Harpers gone, you’re going to fall off and fall off fast. You’ll start imitating the late 2000’s Nationals very soon. I only pray you are smart enough to trade Max Scherzer to a real team so he doesn’t smatter his legacy for finishing his career with your sad excuse of a team.

Enjoy mediocrity.

-Sincerely, Owen Doyon


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  1. Nice breakdown
    But place the blame on the gm and maybe something changes
    Or maybe they’re just a terrible franchise like the Mets!!!!!!

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