Antonio Brown is a child

So if you have not seen this insane Twitter thread from Mike Silver about Antonio Brown, here’s the skinny.

Basically, the dude has thrown multiple hissy fits, been late to meetings—and straight up not paying attention in the ones he attends—and practices, and pulled what one teammate described as “the most insane thing” he’d ever seen…all because he had to switch helmets. One of the tweets quotes a source saying the dude just went dark and stopped responding to the organization that pays him.

He went so far as to supposedly say he would sit out until he can wear the old helmet. This is serious.

This mans even painted his old helmet in the Oakland colors! And don’t get me wrong, in the 10+ years I played football, changing gear you got used to sucked. 100%. It was your gear. It’s like having a favorite shirt or pair of gym shorts. You grow attached. But I’m gonna be honest, if a football team offered me 3 years, $54M, with $30M guaranteed, I’ll wear whatever they wanted. Good luck tryna tackle me in that Borat mankini, bro.

His old one that he wore in Pittsburgh is no longer on the approved helmets list as the NFL “tries” to be more proactive about concussions. So he essentially lost his shit, complaining about how guys like Brady and Rodgers haven’t had to switch (every though they did). And then once the team provided him proof that Rodgers had switched, he acted like nothing happened.

You want to know who else acts like a psycho and then like nothing happened once they’re put in their place? My 6-year-old cousin.

If I’m a Pittsburgh fan, I am clapping my hands and cheering that I ended up losing this dude’s number. Sure, we’ll all watch Hard Knocks and see his cute kids and get fooled for a minute, but once the next (and let’s be honest, definitely not last) piece of bullshit comes out, even the non-Steelers fans are going to be saying “Antonio who? We’d rather Juju,” and I don’t blame them one bit (also I low key think Juju has a huge year in 2019-20). After all the BS he pulled last year, being a legitimate locker room cancer to the point that he was benched, and then to pull this when we’re not even into the season yet? People also forget he used to LIVE STREAM locker room meetings. YIKES. Oh, and don’t forget my dude also didn’t wear proper footwear in his cryo tank and completely fucked up his feet. Tom Brady would never.

I’m sorry the Raider faithful have to deal with this dude. I mean, sure, he’ll score some tudders for you, and he can sure as shit catch a pig cowskin, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble. You can find another wideout for less than half the cost who can at least be reliable to the point where he isn’t a huge distraction and confusion.

At least this means that football’s back, baby!

Photo: Pro Football Rumors


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