Are People Seriously Mad At Stanford Volleyball?

So yesterday, Stanford Women’s Volleyball defeated Nebraska to win the National Championship. After the game, two girls were pictured in their locker room celebrating, as players tend to do after winning a natty. What caught the media’s attention, though, was the picture they drew on the whiteboard…

First things first, I have to give credit where credit is due. These ladies demonstrated incredible artistic ability with that picture. The Husker is perfectly drawn, and the Stanford Cardinal was impeccably personified. If like me, you’ve tried to depict the Stanford Cardinal holding a hair dryer/gun and flipping the bird, you’ll know how difficult it is to make it look realistic. A tip of the cap to you.

Back to the matter at hand, though. Apparently, people are mad online about this drawing. They don’t like the fact that the Tree is holding the Husker at gunpoint, and are hoping, nay, demanding that the National Champs apologize for the picture.

I want to make one thing clear: if you’re mad at this, you’ve clearly never played a sport at a competitive level. If you have, you’ll know that this picture isn’t because they physically want to hurt their opponents. Of course, they don’t, it’s a damn sports game (match? What’s the preferred nomenclature for volleyball?). They just want to mentally prepare to beat their opponent’s ass once they get onto the court. It’s like the pep rally in Grease.

How come I don’t hear anyone asking Coach Calhoun to apologize? It’s because people weren’t so ridiculously sensitive back then.

When you’re playing for a title, you want nothing more than to dominate the other team. You want to hit them hard and step on their throat until they submit. You don’t let them up for air until you’re holding the trophy in your hands. Then, once it’s all over, you get in line, shake their hands, and erase whatever beautiful pictures you drew on the locker room whiteboard. That’s just sportsmanship.

So if you’re mad about Stanford Women’s Volleyball trying to metaphorically murder the Nebraska Cornhuskers, you’re either A) a Nebraska fan or B) in need of thicker skin. There’s a goddamn tree holding a gun, but that’s too realistic and triggering for you? Get out of here with that nonsense.

Oh, and the team with the killer mentality won the National Championship? Shocker.

Photos: @DT3sBun and @chesneyfan64 on Twitter



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