Aristides Aquino and Bo Bichette are Quietly Breaking Every MLB Rookie Record Known to Man

In the long history of the game of baseball, players have always broken onto the scene in spectacular fashion. Brad Ziegler kicked off his career back in 2008 with 39 consecutive scoreless innings. In 2010, Austin Jackson reached base in 29 of his first 30 MLB games. Yasiel Puig had a 1.200 OPS through his first 20 big league games in 2013. Trevor Story broke the internet during his first week in the majors in 2016, setting an MLB record with 7 home runs in his first 6 games. The point is that it’s pretty hard to start your MLB career in a historic fashion, simply because the game has seen literally countless hot starts by actual Hall of Famers.

Introducing: Aristides Aquino and Bo Bichette.

Now, Bo Bichette was always supposed to be good. The son of former Colorado Rockies slugger Dante Bichette, Bo entered the 2019 season as a key member of the Baby Blue Jays, alongside Vlad Guerrero Jr and Cavan Biggio. Ranked as high as the #8 prospect in all of baseball, alot was made out of Bichettes debut, and to be completely honest, he kind of disappointed, going 1-4 with a strikeout. And then he kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting, and HITTING FOR POWER. Bichette started his career with a nine-game hitting streak, a Blue Jays franchise record. He has also reached base safely in all 15 games that he has played in. Oh, and he also TWO MLB records by doubling in 9 straight games AND having 15 extra-base hits through his first 15 MLB games. 

The kid is just really good at baseball. He has arguably been a bigger deal than Vladdy Jr, AKA the most hyped prospect of all time, so far this season. 

And then there’s Aristides Aquino. Unlike Bo Bichette, Aquino was a complete unknown prior to two weeks ago. He wasn’t a top 10 prospect, he wasn’t a top 100 prospect, he wasn’t even a top 30 prospect in the REDS FARM SYSTEM. His family barely even knew that he existed. But, after hitting 28 home runs in 78 games in triple-A, the Reds were forced to call him up in hopes of somewhat filling the void left with Yasiel Puig’s departure (RIP). On August 1st, Aquino made his debut and went 0-2. Boo. The next day he went 0-4. BOO. And then he hit a home run. Then another. Then another. And basically never stopped. On August 10th, Aquino went 3-4 with 3 solo bombs to tie Trevor Story’s record for the most home runs in a players first 10 MLB Games. 

Since starting 0-6 in his first two games, Aristides Aquino is hitting .517 with 8 home runs and a 1.942 OPS. Just like Bichette, Aquino also made some MLB history early in his career. There has been one man who has hit 8 home runs in their first 12 games in the 150-year history of MLB, and his name is Aristides Aquino

Oh, he also goes by the Punisher, which is just the coolest fucking nickname ever. 

So, while Vlad Guererro Jr and Pete Alonso and Fernando Tatis Jr are all over Twitter and ESPN, just know that these two studs aren’t just picking up the scraps the more famous players left behind, they’re literally breaking 150-year-old records. 


Photos: Patrick McDermott and Denny Medley



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