Ask The People: A Gronk Punishment Poll

Gronk pulled a dirty move in yesterday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. The 4th quarter hit on Tre’Davious White was so dirty, in fact, that everyone – even Boston fans – is calling for the beloved tight end to be heavily fined or suspended.

As you can see in the video, White is down for the count, defenseless, when Gronk comes up and hits him hard. Football players already have to worry about head injuries; they don’t need opposing players actively trying to give them CTE.

Being somewhat new to non-baseball reporting, I’m always trying to learn in any way possible. And since we are a publication by the people, for the people, I put out this Twitter poll:

At the time of this article, the results were as such:

1-Game Suspension 53%

More than 1 Game 12%

None 35%

I didn’t include a fine, though a few of you said you’d prefer Gronk pay a hefty sum to him missing a game or two. Either way, we’ll know what punishment gets handed down by the end of the day.


Rob Gronkowski has been suspended one game for his conduct yesterday, which violated the unnecessary roughness rules.

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