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The Patriots Aren’t Declining, They’re Missing Their Spark Plug. Relax -@WTPscotch

Here’s what’s going to happen: Edelman comes back, Tom has an more easily flowing exhaust outlet where he can throw the ball, and at the same time he gains a spark plug. If Brady is an engine that propels the entire team, it can’t be done with efficiency unless the engine has the right assets built into it.


Duck Boat Reports ANOTHER Body Floating In The Charles River, Police Investigating… Worried yet?

Will I sit here and say Boston has a serial killer who likes 20 something year old men to drown in the Charles River? Maybe I’m not going to tell you its a fact, because that just isn’t responsible on my part. But i will absolutely tell you that just like the last time i wrote about this stuff, its time to be concerned and start asking questions.

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