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Tom Brady Pleads the Fifth and the World is Going Nuts

In an offseason filled with drama, real or fake, there’s no denying the New England Patriots and their super stars have been in the spotlight. For those keeping score, first it was Malcolm Butler, then the Rob Gronkowski saga, Danny Amendola talking about life as a Patriot, and […]


Bill Belichick Has Done It Again

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, Bill Belichick has been under the microscope since Super Bowl Sunday. Game plans, free agency moves, and everything else you can possibly think of have been the never ending topic of conversation. Things have gotten so insane that I’ve seen people go […]

The Insufferable King

Ok I’m sorry this has to be done… I don’t care how good Lebron James is, whatever records he’s broken, none of that. The guy sucks. Straight up sucks. For someone who’s supposed to be the poster boy of leadership in not only the NBA but all of […]