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Jonny Visits Boston

On Sunday the 10th through Tuesday the 12th your boy Jonny visited Boston and took in two Red Sox games. The generic Dean Pauley already wrote a great article on his view of the games, but I shall share my experience. Also, side note, I was not ferda […]


The Red Sox and Orioles have are going to have beef the rest of the season. I will always love the old Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, but that fire is barely burning right now. We aren’t even thirty games into the season, and tension is high. I respected Machado […]

It Starts Tomorrow

The first Red Sox Yankees series carries just as much importance to me as Opening Day. I hate the Yankees, with a burning passion. Every time they beat the Red Sox, my liver pays the price. Going into this series, I am doubtful that the Veteran second baseman, […]