Baseball Icon, Ichiro Suzuki, to Retire Following Opening Series in Tokyo

Seattle Mariners’ outfielder Ichiro Suzuki played his 2,653rd career MLB game Thursday morning in the Tokyo Dome, and following the game he will announce he is finally walking away from the Major League Baseball. His first and last MLB games of his illustrious career were with the M’s.

Despite not playing in his first MLB game until age 27, Ichiro was able to tally over 3,000 hits and win 10 Gold Glove Awards throughout his career. He had an additional 1,278 hits in 9 seasons in the Pacific League in Japan. Few people have ever made the throw from right field to third base the way Ichiro does seemingly with ease. He has always played the game with respect and integrity, and because of him the MLB has gained a massive fan base in Tokyo, and across the world. The guy is, and has always been a machine.

ichiroPhoto courtesy of Japan Times.

Today professional baseball says goodbye to one of its all-time greats. But only for now. He’ll be getting a call to Cooperstown as soon as he’s eligible, and he deserves nothing less.

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Cover image courtesy of The Spun.


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