Bruins Looking Good Nearing All-Star Break

The Boston Bruins have hit their mid point in their season and are closing in on the All-Star Break.

David Pastrnak is the only Bruin voted in at the moment but fans can also vote Patrice Bergeron in as one of the last men in. Pastrnak deserves this recognition as the Bruins representative at the All-Star game as he has been one of the best players on the ice this year.

The Bruins won last night 6-4 against the Calgary Flames in a game which they got offensive production all over the ice and especially from the power play. They got two goals from Jake DeBrusk and Brad Marchand, and one from John Moore and David Pastrnak, The Bruins have looked like a cup contender their past couple of games but if they are going to try and compete with Tampa and Toronto they are going to need a second line winger who can put pucks in the back of the net.

Yes, the Bruins should feel good about what they have done the past month or so and being able to overcome the injuries they did is amazing but, this team doesn’t seem to have the talent level on offense to keep up with the best teams in the east. Once the first line gets shut down there really isn’t any help behind them other than Krejci and Debrusk. The fourth line for the B’s has been one of the better lines for the Bruins as they bring the intensity and energy night in and night out.

The Bruins have a big home-stand coming up and it will be time to see what this team is really made of. Their next game is their final meeting with division rival Buffalo and it’s a big one as they are tied in the standings and the Bruins are battling for every inch of positioning in the division.

Photo from Cauesway Crowd


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