Boston Red Sox Fire Dave Dombrowski. Now What?

Well, that’s really surprising. 

After Sunday night’s loss to the Yankees, the Red Sox announced that they had fired President of Baseball Operations (AKA GM of the team) Dave Dombrowski, and he would be replaced by his assistant Eddie Romero. 


I mean, we all thought it was going to happen at the end of the year, but not in the middle of the last series against the Yankees at 12:15 in the morning. 

Dave Dombrowski had built a rock-solid reputation with the Tigers before being hired by the Red Sox: He’ll give you a championship roster, but he’d ruin your farm system. We got exactly what we were advertised. When Dombrowski was hired in August of 2015, the Red Sox had a top 3 farm system. They had Yoan Moncada, Rafael Devers, Andrew Benintendi, Anderson Espinoza, Michael Kopech, Manuel Margot, and Javier Guerra as just a few of their top 10 prospects. By 2019, only Devers and Benintendi made it to Fenway. Dombrowski traded them all for Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, and Drew Pomeranz. Dombrowski signed David Price, signed JD Martinez, he extended Xander Bogaerts, he hired Alex Cora, and he won a World Series championship. 

But, people seem to overlook that last part, as well as the back to back division titles that he won before 2018’s World Series. They point, rightfully so, to this year’s team and the utter disaster that it has been. Dombrowski, due in part to his previous willingness to throw around John Henry’s money like it was Monopoly cash at a strip club, had zero money to spend this offseason and failed to plug up the gaping holes in the bullpen. At the trade deadline, Dombrowski couldn’t make any moves, let alone any significant moves, to add rotation or bullpen help due to the wasteland that is his farm system.

 While Dombrowski was definitely the maestro for the Red Sox’s success from 2016-2018, he was also the architect for the shortcomings that inevitably got him fired. I respect the shit out of Dave Dombrowski, and do think he deserves all the credit he gets for the 2018 team being so goddamn good, but he left some massive to-do’s for rookie executive Eddie Romero to figure out on the fly. Is the team retooling? Are they rebuilding? What do you do about the farm system? How do you un-fuck the Mookie Betts contract negotiations? How do you build a bullpen with no money? 

Dave Dombrowski’s Boston tenure will be remembered for two things: the 2018 World Series roster he helped build, and the fucking disaster that came as a result of it. 

Long live Davey big dick forever.

Photo: Matt Stone/ Boston Globe


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