Boy That Felt Nice

It is no secret that this season has been a frustrating one for Cowboys fans.

A 3-5 record after the first half of the season is not the worst thing in the world (just ask Giants fans), but it sure as hell is not great after going 13-3 two years ago with a couple of rookies in the backfield.

The future seemed pretty bright.

And for me, (a Cowboys fan born 7 months after their last Super Bowl championship), it was awesome.

And going into their Week 10 Sunday night matchup against the division rival and defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, things did not look like they were going to get better anytime soon.

Now, of course, the Eagles are not having the greatest of seasons themselves.

Going into the matchup Doug Pederson’s team found themselves at 4-4 and in second place in the NFC East.

Given this game was taking place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia I was completely expecting the Eagles to win, but luckily. Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott was able to prove me wrong by taking advantage of a weak Eagles secondary and come away with 27-20 victory.

He was able to get the ball to new star receiver Amari Cooper (6 catches, 75 yards) while still mixing it up and throwing to other receivers like Cole Beasley (4 catches 37 yards).

Also, the Cowboys were able to get a big game out of the team’s most valuable player, running back Ezekiel Elliot.

The third-year back had 151 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries on the ground along with six receptions for 36 yards and a touchdown receiving. Both touchdowns came in the fourth quarter.

So after this win like this am I gonna be like a majority of Cowboys fans and claim “we are back” and the team is poised for a playoff run?


I do not enjoy setting myself up for disappointment, but rather, I enjoy nice surprises, like this win.

Because for someone like me (a Cowboys fan born in 1996) a win on the road against a division rival (I take my NFC East rivalries very seriously) can make an otherwise crappy season worth it.

I also live with an Eagles fan at school, so that makes this victory all the sweet.

Photo: Oregon Live



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