BREAKING: Unfortunate And Somewhat Saddening Information Has Surfaced About Josh Gordon’s Abrupt Step Away From Football

So I have a source that came forward with some information regarding Josh Gordon today. By now, you’ve all heard the news of Gordon publicly making a statement explaining that he was going to step away from football for a little while to focus on his mental health. Then reports came out that Gordon violated his reinstatement policy from his previous drug violations. What did twitter do? They started ripping the man for smoking up again. They slammed him, mostly because trusted sources went out of their way to word their tweets in a way that made it seem as if he had failed his drug ¬†testing without necessarily saying it. One of those “protect my take by being a coward” kind of things.

From my start my take was that Gordon was a smart man and should be respected for publicly admitting faults and actively trying to help himself through overcome his demons. Lots of people disagreed, saying that he failed his drug policy so screw the dude. Are these people clowns? yes, but again, not entirely their fault. They don’t like reading between the lines and all but trusted sources are feeding them shaped information so that it spreads faster. Thats how a lot of this media thing works. Alter the truth so things become more intriguing. That said, i explicitly prohibit that kind of journalism here. Either we report facts, or give opinions, but we don’t try to alter either one to make it sound more enticing. But i digress, A source came to me today with some unfortunate information today that came in the form of a text from a bartender at a local spot where Gordon was a regular.

Gordon was doing great, lets make sure that is the first thing known here. He was fighting like a champ against something he knew was looming over him. He went out, he had a good time BY HIMSELF, but he always drank water. Always. Then on this past Thursday, a bartender inside the restaurant witnessed a cocktail waitress do something that is totally out of the ordinary for when Josh is in the spot. She served him alcohol. Don Julio 1942 to be exact. Here’s the conversation between my source (blue) and his buddy who is the bartender at this spot.



So no one really knows what happens in the time line after this, for now anyway. This is where the weird started though, at least its as far back as we can trace it at this moment. Like i said from the start, a reinstatement from multiple drug related suspensions will come along with some tight restrictions, and not all of them are drug related. Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 1.34.15 PM.png

People are so quick to jump on what they read on twitter when they should just take a step back and think logically. There’s a chance that he smoked that night, but theres also a chance he didn’t, but he was overcome with some sort of mental state that shoved him deeper into a hole in another way. Either way, something happened that night that Josh deeply regrets and which made him realize that he needs to get some proper help. I respect anyone who put themselves in the int of ridicule fire in an attempt to better themselves. Its courageous and respectable. We will keep you up to date as more information comes in on the topic.


Sourcing @ BanGr0nknandez



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