Brock Holt: Man, Myth, Legend, Hall of Famer

The best hitter in Red Sox Postseason history? David Ortiz may come to mind for most die-hard Red Sox fans, after all, he was a part of the 04, 07, and 13 World Series teams and is a fan favorite, but he’s not even close.

After all who achieved the first Cycle in MLB Postseason history? Oh, Mookie Betts right? No.. must be JD Martinez, right?

WRONG Brock Wyatt Holt is the most clutch and effective hitter in Red Sox Postseason history.  In the 2018 Postseason, he is batting a whopping .500 with 1 homer and 5 RBI’s in just 6 AB’s. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Conor is he’s the best hitter in Red Sox Postseason History, why does he only have 6 at-bats?” Simple, it’s simply too unfair for opposing teams. I mean look at games 1 and 2. The Yankees held the Red Sox to 5 runs or less and split the games. Insert Brock Holt into the lineup, and the Red Sox are averaging 16 runs a game in October. Coincidence? I think not.

After being a homer shy of the cycle going into the 9th inning, Brock Holt single-handedly willed Ian Kinsler into working a walk and then hit a bomb off the best pitcher on the Yankees roster, Austin Romine. He became one of only 26 players in MLB history to have multiple cycles in their career and his name now sits with players like George Brett, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig. So after Brock Holt wills another win out of his team tonight and leads this team to a World Series win, the only question is, will the MLB make an exception to send him to the Hall of Fame now?

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