Bruins Need to do Something to Show Toughness

The Boston Bruins have been winning games and are in control of the first Wild Card spot but, they’ve been getting bullied in these games.

The other night in Detroit was a perfect example of this. Without Chara, Kevan Miller, and Brandon Carlo, opponents aren’t afraid of who will come after them if they make a big hit. David Pastrnak has been involved in some pretty big hits and nobody has been there to answer. David Krejci has also been involved in some ferocious hits, including one that actually lost him a chicklet or two, and while Nordstrom answered, that’s been something out of the norm.

Also, there have been hits that haven’t even been part of the play that nobody answers. Something needs to be done because the Bruins are quickly becoming a soft team that wants nothing to do with fighting. That’s not what Boston is about and the fact that Tuukka Rask got out of his net to try and fight proved to me that Tuukka has more balls than the rest of this team right now. Earlier this year, Rask was a shell of himself and if he’s the one trying to stand up for his team, there is something wrong. It’s something that Boston needs in their hockey team, they cannot be taking a beating like they’ve been doing. With the 2011 team this shit would’ve never ever been in question. They answered for every hit and would always protect their guys.

Without Chara and Miller, it’s tough to “police” because those are two of the biggest Bruins and there is nobody to fear without them. Guys like Wagner, Accari, Backes, and Kuraly need to start taking names and start answering for these hits that have started to cause injury to the stars of the team. They lead the league in fighting majors but it’s by Marchand, Krug, and Accari. You don’t want Marchy or Krug fighting, so those fourth-line guys need to start protecting them.

I wouldn’t mind the Bruins trying to trade for a gritty fourth-line guy since they clearly don’t have it. Ryan Reaves comes to mind, but now you can’t just go and get a guy for fighting because the NHL has all but taken it out of the game. If they were to trade for a gritty player, it needs to be somebody with some talent and not just a punch. If they don’t find somebody to step up and start taking names we could see names line Marchand, Pasternak, and Krejci on the injury report soon.

*Photo: Detroit Free Press


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