Cal vs TCU Might Be the Most Beautiful Disaster in the History of Sports

 In one of the most delightfully terrible displays of sport I have ever seen the TCU Horned Frogs defeated the Cal Golden Bears, 10-7, in the CheezIt Bowl in an overtime win.

When I say that this might have been the worst football game ever played, I mean it.

Fans and critics of college football alike have long complained about there being too many bowl games and this game was certainly helped their cause out.

It was a slog from start to finish. Both teams quarterbacks had thrown 3 interceptions by halftime. This game had zero offense. TCU QB Grayson Muehlstein completed 7 passes for 27 yards passing. He was actually taken out of the game at one point in favor of Justin Rogers, who “Didn’t have full use of one of his feet.”

The Golden Bears QB’s didn’t fare much better, as Chase Garbers and Chase Forrest combined to go 17/33 for 164 yards passing with 0 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

In fact, the games MVP should’ve gone to either teams punter. TCU and Cal combined for 15 punts on the night. Disgusting. 

But perhaps the most tremendous moment of the game was when TCU had the chance to kick a game-winning 44 yard field goal at the end of regulation. Cal called a time out to ice TCU Kicker Cole Bunce. During the time out, TCU head coach Gary Patterson screamed at Bunce, took him out of the game for the back up kicker, than made him sprint back onto the field to take the kick, only for him to miss it wide left anyways.

That all happened inside of a minute.

But Anyways, TCU went on to win in overtime. But here’s what the internet thought of this amazing play.

Shannon Sharpe: Sharp as ever

Almost charmingly terrible.

Low-hanging fruit.

I mean why not give him a shot, at least.

I audibly laughed out loud when I saw this.

But enough of that foolishness. Here is the single worst play I’ve ever seen on a football field.

Now sure, the play itself is dumb enough, but a botched double pass isn’t anything new. But when you know that this was Muehlstein’s third INT of the game and this was TCU’s opening possession of the third quarter, AND the fact the Cal somehow didn’t get any points after returning the ball to the 10 yard line makes all the more stupid.

This game should be played on repeat for all of eternity. Let your grandchildren know where you were on December 26th, 2018. Tell them the story of the worst football game ever played.

Photo: Ross D. Franklin/AP


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